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We interview 'Whistla' (The DJ & Producer) featured on 'The Green Light' The forthcoming compilation inspired by Cannabis Law Reform.

Whistla, a 32 year old London based DJ & Producer. Known to have performed in numerous Countries Worldwide including; Australia,The USA & Europe. Whistla is also the owner of Sub FM,L2S Recordings and the Future Garage Forum.

We find out what inspired him when making his track 'Serve the Love',his thoughts on Cannabis and a memorable Fly Larvae experience.

Ok, So Tell us a little about your Musical Background and where you are at Today..

I Started DJ'ing and Releasing music in 1997. I am the owner of Sub FM, L2S Recordings and the Future Garage Forum. I'm Regularly releasing my own music on L2S and lot of other labels including Hype Music, M.I.Raw, Cordovan, Yosh Records, Dual Signal, Digital Bootz, Ox Rider Records, Warehouse Meditation, Kursed Recordings, Bankai Audio, ThaF Records and more. You can hear me dj every Tuesday 8-10pm UK Time on Sub FM.

What influenced you when making this particular track 'Serve The Love' ?

I wanted to create a track that was spacey and chilled yet also intense and psychedelic, like how being on an Amsterdam coffeeshop crawl can get you like. It's an ode to all the high quality growers out there who are making amazing product but unable to sell it to us because of the government oppression, I want them to be allowed to "Serve The Love"!

Do you use Cannabis for Recreational or medicinal purposes? If so,what is your preferred way to take it? Favourite type (strain) ?

Im a blazer, love a nice spliff. I'm a big fan of Raw Papers and can never go back to Rizla Blues now. My favourite strain is really hard to call, I LOVE Sativa tho. But with regard to specific strains I vary from day to day, and living in the UK am often lumbered with poor quality inadequate strains far too often.

What are your views in regards to Cannabis and it's laws in the UK?

It's time it was legalized, the war on drugs is a resounding failure. Science has proven cannabis to be beneficial to many sick people, it's many orders of magnitude safer than all other regularly used drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine etc) and its great fun! The money that could be made and jobs that could be generated by it's legalisation are conservatively estimated at £6 billion a year! What on earth are the government waiting for???

For more information on Cannabis Law Reform visit:

Whistla, Do you have a Claim to fame?

Well, I've Coined the term 'Future Garage'

Do you have a funny story to tell us? One that's happened in your past musical experiences?

Once when playing on a pirate radio station, from a squatted tower block flat. In the middle of summer, the walls (which unbeknownst to me were infested with fly larvae) started to hatch thousands and thousands of flys into the room. The air was so thick with flys that the MC started using an aerosol can and a lighter to burn them out of mid-air! One of the most memorable shows ever.

Tell us about the DJ side of things and your inspiration..

As well as playing regularly all over the UK I have performed in numerous countries Worldwide including: USA, Australia, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Denmark & The Netherlands.

My Influences; Everything! From Ambient to Hardcore, Lo-Fi to Techno. My main focus is Garage but I take inspiration from all forms of music and everything around me.

Places to go out in your City (nightlife)? where do you like to be seen?

There's always something to do in London. Recently I was at Cable to see Submerse's final show before he moves to Japan.

Do you have any Future Releases? Dates / Labels / Track names?

My next single is out on 13th Feb on L2S Recordings and is entitled "Knosis". I also have a number of remixes in the pipeline and am currently working on an album that should be out in the first half of this year.

So what's On the to do list for 2012?

Finish and release my album and play even more shows in new and exciting places!

Finally, where is the place for the general music lovers to view what you do?

Soundcloud: Whistla

We would like to thank Whistla for taking time out, we wish him every success in the Future 'Garage' and all musical avenues and genres alike :)

Make sure you check out his Tuesday night show, 8-10pm UK Time on Sub FM. We Recommend it!

Interview and edit by hugh b trey - patchup 2012

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